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How Beneficial Is Organic Lawn Care?

Organic farming is well-known for being sustainable and environment-friendly because it causes the least harm to the environment. The use of organic practices in landscaping has also become popular because of the many benefits that these practices have for the landscape, pets, soil micro-flora, and...

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weed control

Weed Control Tips for your Beds and Garden

Keeping weeds at bay should be your top priority after having your yard perfectly landscaped. In fact, the final decision made by 60% of homebuyers is influenced by properly landscaped yards. Sure, weeding is a task that calls for commitment, but the end results is worth all the effort. It would be...

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natural fertilizer

Natural Fertilizer- A Few Things You Should Know

Most gardeners are torn between chemical and natural fertilizer. Some think chemical fertilizer is better since it is quick and hassle-free to use, but most nature enthusiasts would swear by organic lawn care options. If you could ask the plants on your lawn what fertilizer they preferred, however,...

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liquid compost

Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizers For Your Lawn

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There is a sense of pride and ownership that a beautiful lawn sparks in us. Every homeowner loves a nice-looking and green lawn; none of us are satisfied until the grass on our lawns are green enough. The greener the better — and homeowners walk the talk when it comes to lawns.   A well-kept...

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