Soil Building Program

Since Soils Alive's inception in 1997, we have developed, tested and perfected an organic-based approach to year-round treatment and care for our customers' lawns and landscapes. Our most popular, Soil-Building Program is a systematic, timed and measured approach, employing a combination of treatments throughout the year. The steps we employ in the program ensure a green and healthy lawn. And, the results of our program are achieved with Liquid Compost and organic fertilizers such as fish, seaweed, molasses and bio-stimulants.

Our Soil-building Program includes all of the following:

Eight soil-building treatments
Customized treatment plan

Based on comprehensive analysis of soil and growing conditions of your particular area, Soils Alive will develop an individualized treatment plan and regimen to best address the needs of your landscape

Disease monitoring and treatment

Identification and treatment of brown patch, take-all, black spot and powdery mildew

Insect monitoring and control

Complete treatment of grub worms, chinch bugs, aphids, scale, spider mites and leaf-feeding caterpillars

Weed control for your lawn

Our Soil-building Program contributes to a healthy, vibrant and green lawn — the best deterrent of invasive weeds. In addition we offer these weed control solutions:

Regular assessments

If necessary, Soils Alive will apply extra fertilization treatments at no cost to improve lawn or shrub color, density and health

Guaranteed results!

When it comes to the appearance of your lawn, we’re not happy until you are. Your lawn should be the envy of your neighbors!

This is our premium lawn and landscape treatment program. All that is left for you to do is to water and mow your lawn. Any issue? Contact us, and we’ll handle it with care.

Extended service items (additional fees apply)

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