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How Much Does Lawn Fertilization Cost?

When it comes to feeding your lawn you want to focus on quality but at what cost? A one-time fee to fertilize might be around $400 if you’re working with a typical lawn company (which can be a lot). If you’re lucky enough to work with a lawn care expert to handle your fertilization and feedings throughout the year – your price structure will look a lot different (and save you money over the year). When buying your own products it might cost anywhere from $90 and $600 to get everything, depending on who you ask.

Now, here’s the deal: if your yard is on the smaller side, your bill will probably be much less. But, if you have a large yard, expect the digits to climb. There are a few other things that influence price variations as well – like what kind of fertilizer you’re opting for and whether you’re calling in the pros or making it a DIY adventure.

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Various Factors That Affect Lawn Fertilization Cost

When it comes to how much you’ll spend on your lawn fertilization, a bunch of factors come into play. What type of fertilizer you pick (granular, liquid, pre-emergent, post-emergent, or organic), how much you’re using, the size of your yard, and whether you’re bringing in the pros or tackling it yourself – they all play a role.

Let’s dig into the types of fertilizers. They are usually whipped up by mixing phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium, which help plants grow. Most come in various ratios of these chemicals, but some also throw herbicides into the mix for killing off pesky weeds.

Now, for the common fertilizer types:

  • Granular/Time Release: Slow-releasing fertilizer that sprinkle their goodness over time. Great if you’re not into frequent fertilizing or worried about overdoing it.
  • Liquid: Quick-releasing fertilizer for a fast lawn boost. Be sure to watch the dosage carefully – it’s easy to get carried away.
  • Pre-Emergent: Applied in early spring to tackle weeds before they sprout. Comes with herbicides and usually mixed with nitrogen-based fertilizer.
  • Post-Emergent/Weed and Feed: Also herbicide-infused, but for existing weeds. Perfect for lawns with unwelcome green guests.
  • Organic: Made from natural stuff like manure and wood, friendlier to the planet. They break down slowly, making it tough to over-fertilize, making them a win for newcomers.

Assuming you’re not doing it yourself and saving a HUGE amount of time by working with a professional, they will handle picking out the fertilizer you need. You won’t have to do much except have a really nice looking yard. So there’s a ton of benefits working with a professional lawn fertilization company.


The Real Cost of DIY Lawn Fertilization

Considering diving into the DIY lawn fertilization world? Well, let’s have a heart-to-heart about this. Downsides: Brace yourself for a time-consuming adventure that might have you waving goodbye to those weekend plans. Oh, and get ready for a fun game of “Guess the Right Amount” – because without proper know-how, you might accidentally turn your lawn into a science experiment gone wrong (we’ve seen what happens).

So, buckle up for some uncertainty. Upsides? Well, you might save a bit of cash, but honestly, that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to the pitfalls you’re signing up for. Also if you go with the super expensive stuff you might be spending more. So, before you grab that bag of fertilizer, think twice about giving your lawn the amateur hour treatment.


Services Bundled with Fertilization

Here are a few commonly bundled services and their price-points for an average U.S. lawn in case you want to take your turf to the next level: 

  • Aeration will break up clots of dirt that prevent your roots from getting needed water and nutrients. 
  • Grub Treatment: Letting a grub infestation get out of control can ruin the appearance of your yard.
  • Weed Control – weed control can be an easy add on to lawn feedings if your lawn is having some pesky leaves that won’t go away.

Is it cheaper to fertilize your own lawn?

Without the cost of labor – it will more often than not be cheaper to fertilize by yourself. However, that is not including the year long cost of all the extra fertilizer you’ll need and the tools to do it. In the long run, you’ll save a lot of time and money by having a professional lawn fertilization company help you out.


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