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Weed Control Service Dallas, TX

Best Weed Control Service in Dallas

Once weeds have invaded your home lawn, they can be impossible to get rid of. That’s where our weed control service comes in. We use the highest quality products, safely applied by our trained technicians.

Get more information about our services to see if we can help you with weed control in Dallas. Many homeowners trust us for their weed control and organic lawn services.

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Types of Weed Control Services

In order to keep your yard healthy and weed free all year long, we at Soils Alive have different types of weed treatment to keep weeds out of your lawn all year long. We treat your lawn regularly for weeds, each season, all year long. 

Grassy Weed Control

Grassy weeds live & thrive in the same conditions as your lawn’s grass, so they are a fairly common weed for most Dallas lawns.

Broadleaf Weeds Control

Broadleaf weeds are easier to treat, have wider leaves, and often flower.

Fall Weed Control

These weeds pop up in the colder months and thrive during the fall. We treat these weeds during the fall and have preventative methods to apply before to keep them out.

Winter Weed Control

These weeds pop up in the colder months and thrive during the winter. We treat these all winter long and have preventative methods in the summer and fall to keep them out.

Spring Weed Control

These weeds thrive during the warmer months of spring. We treat them during the spring months and have preventative methods we apply for them beforehand to keep them out.

Summer Weed Control

These weeds thrive during the blazing hot months of Texas summer. We treat them during the summer months and have preventative methods we apply for them beforehand to keep them out.


Get a Customized Weed Control Plan for Your Dallas Home

Soils Alive provides a unique and continuing program for our weed control services in Dallas, that continues through the year each season. We apply our weed control each time we visit, for preventative or treatment measures.

We proudly serve Dallas homes and homes in areas surrounding North Texas: Fort Worth, Plano, 


How Our Weed Control Service Works

  • Fill out our form
  • Get a lawn analysis
  • Develop a treatment plan
  • Get the best weed control lawn servicing year round


Why Soils Alive Is The Best

We have 20+ years of servicing Dallas lawns and dealing with weed control.

Our weed control service begins with a comprehensive assessment of any weed issues threatening your lawn. Our trained technicians deal with hundreds of different types and species of weeds, so they understand what goes into weed infestations, including overall lawn health, soil, and growing conditions. 

We use our expertise and lawn assessment to create a custom treatment plan for your lawn. , making sure your lawn gets the weed control it needs. Guaranteed!


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Weed Control Service

How frequently should I get weed control?

The most common schedules for our weed control clients is a monthly service. Depending on your lawn’s needs there is also bi-weekly and every 3 weeks service.

What happens if you don’t remove weeds?

Weeds can also house pests, which can harm plants even further.



Soils Alive is an active member of the Agronomy Society of America (ASA), Soil Science Society of America (SSSA), and Crop Science Society of America (CSSA).

Accredited Business, Better Business Bureau

Soils Alive, Inc. has been a member and accredited business with the Better Business Bureau since 2004. You can find our listing here. We are presently an A+ rated business.

Member, Texas Nursery & Landscape Association

Soils Alive is a member of the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association(TNLA). TNLA is Texas' largest and most prominent green industry advocacy and governance group, and was set up to promote the landscape, nursery and horticulture industry in Texas. 

2014 Super Service Award from Angie’s List

We earned the 2014 Super Service Award from Angie's List. The award reflects consistent high levels of customer service. Check our reviews atAngie's List. We won the 2013 Super Service Award as well.

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Garland, TX 75041
Ph: 972.272.9211

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