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What Your Weed Control Services Should Provide During Summer

While 60% of potential home buyers believe that a well-maintained and landscaped yard plays a huge role in their home buying decisions, quality weed control services are vital. If you decide to hire a professional weed control service, an organic lawn fertilizer service, or some other kind of lawn maintenance professional, you should expect that the company is able to offer a few things.

Summertime is when lawns shine. Green and healthy grass is the objective of every homeowner during summer. So, what should you expect from your weed control service during treatments in the summer? Let’s explore a few of those expectations.

Cost of Services

The one thing that should top the list for hiring a company for their weed control services is a written cost of the services. A company that does not provide you with a written contract and a cost of the treatments for your lawn is not a company that you may want to do business with. So, be sure that you know what you are paying up front before any treatments begin for your lawn.

Comprehensive Details About Treatments

When you hire a professional for weed control services during summer maintenance, you should expect that the company offers you complete details about each treatment. You should also expect that the expert performing your weed control services will be able to tell you how their treatments will either interact or enhance any treatments that you provide your lawn.

Many companies that perform weed control combine those services with natural lawn care services, organic lawn care services, and more. Summer heat, humidity, and thunderstorms can impact the growth of a lawn as well as the soil that a lawn grows in. So, be sure to inquire about how to effectively combine several services so that you have a lush, green, and healthy lawn, that is weed-free.

Schedule of Services

When you hire a dedicated expert for your weed control services, you should expect that you have a schedule of services. Perhaps you want weekly or bi-weekly treatments. Your weed control agents should keep that schedule and perform your weed controls services. If your weed control company recommends a particular schedule of weed control services, be sure that you agree with the treatment plan and that the company adheres to the schedule. If there is an issue with coming out to your home to provide you with your weed control services, the company that you hire should communicate that issue with you in a timely manner.

Attention to Issues That May Arise

Should you ever have an issue with your weed control services, the company that performed them should be available to address them fast. If you notice that your lawn is turning brown or you see bald spots that did not exist before treatment, the business that performed the weed control services should be able to come out to your home and fully assess your lawn. They then should offer a remedy for the issue too.

Are you looking for a company who has mastered the art of quality weed control services here in Garland, TX? Then look no further than Soils Alive. Our treatments are specially formulated to withstand summer heat and we stand by everything that we spray, place or add to a lawn. So, for the quality weed control services that you’ve been searching for, connect with us today. You only want the best for your lawn and we stand ready to provide it.

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