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What Does Organic Mean When it Comes to Lawn Care Products?

Organic lawn care is more expensive than traditional lawn care but it has many benefits. It is safer for the environment, people, and pets. The products they use are more natural and do not have harmful chemicals. The fumes from some fertilizers and sprays can cause health problems in children and adults. About 60 percent of potential homeowners say a well-landscaped yard helps sell a home. An organic lawn service provides a safer environment for children, adults, and pets.

Organic Lawn Care Helps Grass and Plants Develop Healthy Root Systems

Organic products do not use toxic chemicals and their products are more natural. This allows grass and plants to grow more naturally, developing a better root system. It will help your lawn and garden weather droughts and insects better. Organic fertilizer adds nutrients to the soil that help your grass, plants, trees, and grass grow more naturally. It does not deplete the soil of nutrients needed for growth. It is usually made from plants, minerals, and animal waste. It is sometimes sold as a soil conditioner and may be processed on a farm or in a factory.

The organic fertilizer breaks down, providing the soil and plants with essential nutrients. They are slow-release fertilizers and do not harm plants by over-fertilizing them. It retains water and nutrients better and prevents runoff. This organic fertilizer is not harmful to birds and other outdoor wildlife.

Benefits Of Organic Weed and Bug Control

Organic weed products that are used for weeds will suppress weed growth not kill them. This allows the soil and plants to grow more healthily. An organic lawn service may use compost to control weeds too. Compost will kill the seeds of the weeds and keep them from growing. Healthy soil reduces the need for organic weed and bug killers. Weeding your garden or lawn is another way to keep the weeds at bay. Organic weed killers do not use highly toxic pesticides and are healthier to work with. They do not have a strong chemical smell.

Organic bug killers are often made of organic materials and plant-based oils. These treatments are safe and do not build up in the soil because they are biodegradable. These products can rid you of ants, ticks, moths, beetles, and rodents. Insecticidal soaps and oil kill bugs by damaging the outer shell and body. They suffocate bugs to death. Botanical insecticides are naturally occurring toxins from plants and break down quickly when used. Some botanical insecticides have some toxicity and are made of essential oil or microorganisms.

An organic lawn service is less toxic to the environment and the neighborhood. They use organic products and methods that reduce chemical use. Everyone benefits from a safer outdoor environment with fewer chemicals.

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