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What Are the Differences Between Organic Lawn Care and Inorganic Lawn Care?

With over 67% of Americans believing that professional landscaping assistance would make their yards nicer. This means the world to a family who just wants to spend time outside together. How do you get a great lawn, though? Well, there is debate over organic lawn care and inorganic lawn care. So, what is the actual difference between the two, and what option is the best choice for you going forward?

Weed Control

Weed control services are some of the most important ways to take care of your lawn. That’s because weeds will choke out your grass, taking all of the nutrients that are available in the area. This, in turn, kills your lawn, filling it with brown spots and dirty patches. It can be devastating.

The organic lawn care method to weed care starts with pulling the weeds up by hand. From there, you make sure that the soil is as healthy as possible to make sure that weeds don’t come back. This will allow the grass itself to take over in the yard. In other words, at the heart of organic weed control services is broader organic lawn care. On the other hand, chemical weed killers are going to be a lot quicker. These are going to get rid of weeds quicker, but they’re less likely to stay away and bring plenty of issues.

Environmental Impact

One thing that is talked about a lot when it comes to organic lawn care is that using natural fertilizers is better for the environment than going with chemical fertilizer. And that’s true, but what makes it so much better for the environment?

It starts with looking at runoff. Runoff is the water that flows from lawns and parking lots into streams. Once it goes into streams it flows into rivers and eventually oceans. Broadly speaking, this is an issue because water isn’t the only thing running off. It is carrying dirt, trash, and chemicals with it. This creates a massive impact on multiple ecosystems, including ones where the chemicals didn’t originate. However, when you choose organic lawn care you won’t have this type of issue. If liquid compost runs off, then all the materials are natural and can be handled by different ecosystems. That makes them much safer to use in the long run for the environment around you.


Organic lawn care that uses organic lawn fertilizer is a lengthy process. This is because it is customized to fit the soil in your yard, and its design is to slowly change the pH balance or the acidity of your lawn. By changing the pH you’re able to make soil that your grass thrives on. It’s a more controlled process that produces excellent, lush, and green grass.

On the other hand, chemical fertilizers are going to show results quicker than organic lawn care will. That’s because you’re not actually making the soil better but adding different nutrients for the grass to suck out of the ground. Here are the issues with that, aside from the environmental impact. The first issue is that this method is volatile. Over or under fertilizing is easy to do and will negatively impact your lawn’s growth. Furthermore, because you’re not building up the soil, you’ll always be reliant on these chemical fertilizers.

Choosing the fertilizer that is right for you is difficult to do. However, for anyone who has the patience, organic lawn care offers the best results over an extended period of time.

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