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Weed Control Tips for your Beds and Garden

Keeping weeds at bay should be your top priority after having your yard perfectly landscaped. In fact, the final decision made by 60% of homebuyers is influenced by properly landscaped yards. Sure, weeding is a task that calls for commitment, but the end results is worth all the effort. It would be for your own good to know how to go about weed control. Here are detailed effective and safe ways to keep your garden weed-free.

1. Weed Your Yard Often

As a way of making the effort count, you need to make weeding your yard a habit. Refrain from spending hours on end weeding the yard once or twice monthly. Doing so will most likely become counterproductive by leaving you with a backache or sore fingers. Keep in mind that such injuries can take their toll on other important aspects of your life such as work. When weeding for five minutes becomes your daily lifestyle, you can rest assured that your garden will always look in its element.

Remember that getting rid of weeds is way much easier when they are small. Therefore, it’s a good idea to always have a garden trowel or fork with you when outdoors. With such equipment, you’ll always be armed to bring down young weeds the moment you see them. In case you spot baby weeds sprouting in cracks, get a screwdriver and pry them out.

2. Remember Water Comes First

Weeding your yard when wet is among the best decisions you can ever make. Unlike on dry ground, pulling weeds on wet soil that is softer becomes way much easier. This tells you that it is best to weed after it rains, but ensure that you don’t compact the soil as you walk around the yard. Feel free to also water the yard anytime that you are about to pull out weeds. Even so, make sure that you apply just enough water to avoid water logging issues.

3. Prioritize Mulching

If you asked a seasoned weed control service provider, they will tell you that mulching is among the best weed control methods. Mulching plays a major role when it comes to retaining moisture and this is good for your lawn. Mulching goes a long way in preventing weeds from flourishing in your yard. The newspaper trick is yet another organic weed control method that can help you get great results. After weeding, simply spread newspapers on the surface and cover with mulch to prevent weed growth.

4. Use Plastic Bags

Covering with mats or plastic bags is yet another way to wipe out weeds. For the best weed control results, make sure that you cover with black mats or bags for no less than three weeks. The black color prevents sunlight penetration as well as causes heat buildup that kills the weeds. This makes the use of plastic bags a great weed control trick.

5. Try Out Weed Spraying

You can borrow a leaf from how weed control services providers use safe herbicides to annihilate weeds. However, exercise caution by not spraying on windy days now that the wind can head in the wrong direction. Should this happen, the plants that you’re saving might get affected. If herbicides are something you would rather avoid, you can use vinegar or any other ingredient suggested by your preferred organic lawn care services provider.

6. Consider Boiling Water

Eradicating weeds for good is as easy as pouring boiling water on them. Not even the most stubborn weed has what it takes to withstand the burning effect of water at 100 degrees centigrade. However, take care so that none of the scalding water lands on your plants.

7. Explore Artificial Grass

Some homeowners are inclining towards artificial grass today to avoid weed problems. This is not to say that weed problems don’t occur, only that synthetic grass significantly reduces the issue. You will find this worthwhile in the event that you always struggle to keep your grass green and weeds in check.

Bottom Line

There is no better way to add a tad more of color to your home than with proper gardening. Keeping weeds at bay will make sure that you are able to achieve this. With the above tips, you have all it takes to get the best weed control results.

If you’re looking for organic lawn care or our organic based fertilization services to help take care of your weeds, give us a call today at 972-272-9211.

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