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Natural Fertilizer- A Few Things You Should Know

Most gardeners are torn between chemical and natural fertilizer. Some think chemical fertilizer is better since it is quick and hassle-free to use, but most nature enthusiasts would swear by organic lawn care options. If you could ask the plants on your lawn what fertilizer they preferred, however, you’d be surprised to learn that they can’t really tell the difference. At the most basic level, nutrients are nutrients.

That said, there are notable features of natural fertilizer that sets it a step ahead of chemical fertilizer. Some of these include the number of nutrients available in natural fertilizers and their effects on the soil and plants.

What Is Natural Fertilizer?

Organic fertilizers are soil nutrient supplements that are minimally processed and whose nutrients remain in their natural forms. This is quite unlike chemical fertilizer, whose nutrients are extracted and refined.

This type of fertilizer is made from animal and plant waste, and powdered minerals. Manure, compost, bone meal, and cottonseed meal are good examples. These natural lawn care options can be processed in a factory, or, in the case of manure and compost, on a farm.

Here are five reasons why you should consider using natural options to take care of your lawn.

1. They Improve the Soil Structure

Natural fertilizer is incredibly essential to the soil. Over time, as it breaks down and decomposes, it improves the soil structure and its ability to retain nutrients. This improves the quality of the soil, making it ideal for the cultivation of strong, healthy plants.

You’re trying to accomplish a lush, green backyard? Organic lawn care services should get you there.

2. They are Safe for Your Plants

Natural fertilizer slowly releases nutrients into the soil. Due to its slow-release property, it’s almost impossible to overwhelm and poison your plants with manure. This is a significant advantage over chemical fertilizers, with which it is possible to over-fertilize and harm your plants.

3. Natural Fertilizer is Environmentally Sustainable

Chemical fertilizers are soluble in water. Because of this, excess, unused fertilizer is washed away by rain, eventually entering groundwater and polluting lakes and streams.

Organic fertilizer, on the other hand, doesn’t pose such risks. It is renewable and biodegradable, making it environmentally sustainable. Because it is natural, there are no risks of toxic salt and chemical buildups, which could endanger the plants on your lawn. In addition, it improves the soil’s moisture-retaining properties. This reduces the likelihood of bleaching.

4. Organic Fertilizers Can Save You a Buck in the Long Run

Although natural fertilizer may cost more than chemical fertilizer, it can help reduce the need for pesticides. It can also take care of the plants’ overall phosphorous, potassium, and nitrogen requirements.

This will keep you from having to spend more on pest-control and buying more mineral supplements.

5. They are Easy to Apply

Most gardeners and homeowners choose artificial fertilizers because of their perceived ease of application. However, natural fertilizer could be just as easy to apply. Whether you’re adding it to the soil or spraying it onto the leaves, organic fertilizer adds countless benefits to your lawn with ease and convenience.

A Beautiful Backyard- the Accessory of a Happy Home

Your front yard and backyard ought to be much more than patches of grass and dirt that separates your house from the curb. Enlisting organic lawn care services will ensure that your landscaping is professionally done and that your lawn is appealingly manicured and tended.

Growing grass on your lawn and plants on your backyard garden does more than enhance the aesthetics of your home. A manicured lawn provides space for your children and their friends to play and a spot for you to throw those fun, laughter-filled barbecue parties in the middle of the summer.

Natural fertilizer ensures that your plants get the nutrients they need. At the same time, it helps improve the quality of the soil by enhancing its moisture and nutrient-retaining properties. Nearly 90% of real estate agents encourage homeowners to invest in their landscaping before they place their house on the market. This is the surest way of getting the most out of the deal.

Need organic lawn care? We help North Texas lawns stay in great shape with our organic based fertilization services and more. Call us at 972-272-9211 for more information.

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