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Knowledge Is Power: 3 Lawn Care Facts to Help You Take Care Of Your Lawn

There are approximately 40 million acres of lawn in the United States. While having a well-maintained lawn is every homeowners’ dream, it needs input for those exceptional results. You need to carry out routine maintenance, use organic fertilizers, and also protect it from all kinds of invasions.

Additionally, knowing the right type of grass to plant on your lawn makes the work easier for you. You have to choose from the three types of grass, which include Cyperaceae (Bullrushes, Sedges), Juncaceae (Rushes), and Poaceae (Grasses). While these three types are found worldwide, the Poaceae grass is the most preferred in the United States. Read on to learn some lawn care facts that will help you take care of your lawn.

1. Your Lawn Needs Enough Nutrients

Just like all plants, your lawn needs to be fertilized throughout the growing season. This is because the soil in your yard can’t provide all the nutrients required for the entire season. However, choosing the right organic fertilizers for your lawn depends on the type of grass and the season.

Normally, there are two types of grasses: the warm season grasses and the cool-season grasses. For optimal health of your lawn, however, you have to consider the timing. Ideally, you should fertilize your lawn when it is actively growing. Fertilize your warm grasses when it starts to turn green during late spring and early summer; for cool grasses, fertilize during fall and early spring.

2. A Well-Maintained Lawn Improves Your Property’s Value

Apart from enhancing your yard’s curb appeal, a well-maintained lawn also improves your property’s value by 15-20%. Therefore, as a homeowner, you want to ensure that you carry out routine practices, especially if your house is on the market. This is because your lawn is the first thing that potential buyers will see.

These routine practices include mowing regularly to maintain a healthy lawn, but note that mowing blades should always be sharp to prevent damage. Also, you should water your lawn regularly and at the right time. Additionally, control weeds to prevent them from consuming your lawn’s nutrients.

3. Repair Bare Spots to Maintain Uniformity

Bare spots in your lawn are unsightly and should be repaired. Usually, they are a result of various causes, such as weeds, diseases, or foot traffic. Ensure you identify the cause before replanting to prevent their recurrence.

There’s no magic to achieving a lush lawn. Dedication, using organic fertilizers, and consistency will give you those results. Ensure you engage professionals who will help you transform your lawn and maintain its beauty year-round.

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