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Increase Your Property Value With These Top Landscaping Tips

Upgrading your landscaping is one of the most efficient ways to increase the value of your home. Plus, 50% of homeowners who upgrade their landscaping and outdoor spaces spend six or more hours in those spaces per week! Using natural lawn fertilizer, organic fertilizer, and other products can help enhance the look of your lawn. Now that we know landscaping design can boost your curb appeal and property value, let’s take a look at five ways to upgrade your home’s landscaping.

Spruce Up Outdoor Containers

Placing some container plants, especially large tropicals, on your patio or doorway is a great way to improve the overall look of your home. It is important, however, to ensure that the containers are in great shape. You can either paint the existing pots to add some color or replace the broken ones.

Touch Up the Mulch

Nothing spruces up the look of a place like adding some mulch. It is, therefore, a great idea to apply a fresh layer of mulch to all of your garden beds. The color of the mulch will enhance the contrast of the surrounding plants. This way, everything will pop. The good thing about mulch is that it’s quite cheap and very easy to apply.

Plant Some Instant Color

Another great way to make your landscape pop and add some seasonal color is to plant some annuals. The good thing is that most of these plants are relatively inexpensive. Try to go for a splash of different colors or a more monochromatic scheme. Your choice should be determined by the overall look of your landscaping.

Upgrade Your Lawn

Having a beautiful lawn through natural lawn care practices is another sure way of boosting your property value. However, when it comes to growing your lawn, it is important to start from the bottom up. If you manage to improve the soil, your grass will have a good foundation for staying healthy for a long time. Additionally, grass that grows on rich soil is hardy, and it doesn’t need as much water or chemicals to grow properly.

One way to know what’s needed for your lawn is to test the soil. Healthy, rich soil must be dark and crumble easily. The grass should also display a deep and strong root system. You can also test the pH of your soil. The perfect soil for growing grass must have a slightly acidic pH, which is just under 7. Adding natural lawn fertilizer can help keep your lawn healthy in this regard.

Improve Your Soil Quality

If you notice that your soil is not as rich and healthy as you want it to be, there are steps that you can take to improve its quality. First, aerate the soil to improve soil texture. Then, add natural lawn fertilizer and compost. An inch of liquid compost can be enough. Lastly, if need be, you may also need to add an organic pH adjuster. This way, you will get your soil pH to the optimal range for good grass growth.

There are several ways to enhance your landscaping. Since about 67% of landscaping projects in the United States involve single-family residential homes, you’re not alone in your endeavors. Apart from adding some color to your front yard, utilize natural lawn fertilizer and other healthy ways to improve your lawn. With the proper materials, watering schedule, and organic fertilizers, you will have an amazing lawn in no time!

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