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How to Love Your Lawn: Three Care Taking Tips

A green lawn is any homeowner’s pride and joy, better yet if you get it using natural fertilizers. After all, you want your grass to not only appear greener, but actually be greener from the other side! Have a look at three ways in which you can take care of your lawn below, and get the lawn you deserve.

Improve the Quality of Your Soil

Your soil has a direct impact on the way your grass and other plants grow. If you want a naturally green lawn, therefore, make sure that you’re starting with a good foundation which is healthy soil. Make sure that your soil is healthy and has a good bioculture which includes a collection of dead, decaying organic matter and worms. Aerate your soil either manually or using a tool to give microorganisms a chance to thrive, and your soil will be happy when it can literally breathe.

Mow and Water Your Lawn Well

Water is life. Ensure that your lawn is regularly watered, especially on those hot summer days. Don’t flood the lawn, however, as this will drown the roots and may lead to rot. When mowing, mow it often and don’t wait for it to get too long. Also, make sure that your mower has sharp blades to avoid ripping up the grass blades and destroying them. Avoid mowing in extremely hot seasons as well, because this will leave your grass open to destruction by the harsh heat.

Use Organic Fertilizer

The third tip is to use natural fertilizers on your lawn so you give it a boost in a green way. With 75% of Americans saying that it’s important for them to spend time outside in their yards according to a survey done for the National Association of Landscape Professionals by Harris Poll, it’s clear to see why people value a green lawn. Resist the allure of using chemical weed killers and other inorganic pest and weed control measures. Instead, look for natural fertilizers which you feel are the best for your budget and the size of your lawn.

Research is important when you’re trying to get a good-looking, healthy lawn, so never stop looking for ways to improve it. Follow the best practices you can to make sure that both your lawn and the environment are happy.

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