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How Beneficial Is Organic Lawn Care?

Organic farming is well-known for being sustainable and environment-friendly because it causes the least harm to the environment. The use of organic practices in landscaping has also become popular because of the many benefits that these practices have for the landscape, pets, soil micro-flora, and people. The use of biodegradable compost and biological pest and weed control options can produce a healthy lawn in a cost-effective way.

This post presents to you the benefits of organic lawn care and how the use of organic practices is beneficial to you and your landscape.

Organic Lawn Fertilizer and Other Natural Inputs Are Biodegradable

Organic fertilizer and pesticides are made from natural products that can break down through natural processes without leaving behind harmful byproducts that can harm the environment or your health. As such, you don’t have to worry about polluting your water sources or soil.

Organic Lawn Care Inputs Are Safe For the Soil’s Ecology

Organic lawn treatment doesn’t kill microbes and other soil organisms or microflora. Most conventional lawn care inputs can kill fungi, earthworms, and other bacteria that is beneficial to the grass and other landscape plants.

Safe For Pets and Humans

Organic treatments have no harmful side effects to your pets and children who may use your lawn as a play area. As such, you don’t have to get worried about your children or pets getting some allergies or poisoning.

Organic Inputs Won’t Cause Lawn Damage

Chemical inputs often ‘burn’ your lawn and other plant life when there is some overfeeding. But with organic fertilizers, you don’t have to get worried about such problems because unlike chemical fertilizers, organic inputs can’t overload your lawn with nutrients.

Less Water and Soil Pollution

Organic manure and other inputs aren’t harmful to wildlife, pets, and fish because they don’t release concentrated toxic compounds into the environment. The reduced bio-hazard makes them perfect for your lawn because the runoff water that passes through your yard won’t be capable of taking with it some harmful pollutants.

Organic Inputs Stay for Long in the Soil

Chemical fertilizers can get leached because they can dissolve and get washed away. The leached chemical fertilizers cause losses because you’ll have to continue adding more inputs whenever your lawn loses that appealing and healthy look. But organic inputs don’t get washed away easily. They’re thus more economical because they can stay in the soil for long.

Organic Inputs Are Affordable

Organic inputs get made from affordable ingredients that can get sourced at a reasonable price. The cost of maintaining your lawn can reduce in a significant way if you focus on using organic inputs. The initial application or organic lawn inputs may be a little expensive than the use of commercial synthetic inputs. But with the continued demand, the ongoing use of organic inputs used to sustain the lawn may be low on a square foot basis when compared to conventional synthetic fertilizers. Lawns that use organic inputs may also need less fungicide and other types of treatment.

Improved Plant Development

Organic lawn care enhances the growth of roots and the lawn grass because the natural fertilizer releases the nutrients in a slow manner and the required amounts for better plant development. Organic manure application also releases carbon dioxide held within the manure, and the carbon dioxide assists in photosynthesis.

Final Thoughts:

A Harris Poll done on behalf of the National Association of Landscape Professionals shows that 67% of U.S citizens agree that using professional landscaping services can allow them to get better yards. Using organic inputs for landscaping is one of the ways to go pro in landscaping. If you’re planning to create a healthy and lush green lawn on your backyard or front yard, then you should consider using organic inputs because they’re less likely to cause pollution and harm to your lawn grass, pets, kids, or wildlife.

Organic lawn care is friendly to the environment, and the slow release of organic inputs ensures that they can keep your lawn healthy for a long time. Ditch the use of chemical fertilizer today and enjoy the benefits that come with organic inputs when using them in your landscaping projects.

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