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3 Reasons to Choose Natural Fertilizer Over Chemical Fertilizer

Everyone wants a beautiful, green lawn. It’s something to take pride in while making your home more aesthetically pleasing than a dead or patchy lawn would be. In fact, a green lawn can have a massive impact on your home’s value and as many as 60% of potential home buyers say that a well-maintained lawn is vital to their home buying decision. Because of all of this, it’s important to maintain a healthy and strong lawn. However, knowing the best way to do this can be confusing, as there are tons of different types of fertilizer and methods to use to maintain a green lawn. That’s why it’s important to remember that using a natural fertilizer is not just more effective than using chemical fertilizer, it’s also better for the environment as a whole.

Here’s a look at just a few of the reasons why you should choose a natural fertilizer or liquid compost over an inorganic or chemical fertilizer.

Natural Fertilizer Is a Long-Term Solution for Your Lawn’s Health

It can sometimes seem like a chemical fertilizer is the better option, because results are often quicker. However, this isn’t the case. Using a natural fertilizer is actually more effective for the health of your lawn over an extended period of time. This goes back to the nature of fertilizers in general. When you use a fertilizer, you’re actually changing the soil’s composition to allow plants to grow better in the soil. Organic fertilizers and treatments can actually be specialized to your particular region, which helps the fertilizer to be as effective as possible. Then, over an extended period of time, the soil’s composition is actually changed to best fit your lawn. Chemical fertilizers offer a quick fix, but will always need to be used and aren’t as effective because they aren’t targeted to your lawn in particular.

Chemical Fertilizers Cause Harmful Runoff

Runoff is one of the most harmful, manmade issues on aquatic ecosystems. Essentially, it works when there are chemicals in and above the ground, such as chemical fertilizer, and then it rains. The rain, when it drains, runs off the ground and into streams, which flow into rivers, which flow into oceans. As it runs off, it carries the chemicals and other trash with it into waterways. This poisons those aquatic ecosystems all over the world. Just think about the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River drainage basin goes from Alberta, Canada to Central Pennsylvania, funneling south through Louisiana and Mississippi. This means that chemical runoff in Canada can cause pollution in the Gulf of Mexico, to a disastrous environmental impact.

You Don’t Need to Be As Precise With an Organic Fertilizer

An organic or natural fertilizer doesn’t release all of the nutrients it offers at once. Rather, the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous in natural fertilizers are releases slowly and over time. This is part of why natural lawn care is most effective in the long term. However, it’s also in contrast to chemical fertilizers, which add all those chemical nutrients at once. It’s very easy to over-fertilize with these chemical products, which will damage your lawn. This, on the other hand, isn’t going to happen with natural fertilizers that release their nutrients slower and more controlled, which in turn makes your lawn healthier.

Your lawn is a space not just to take pride in, but to come together with family and friends, be it a cookout or just hanging out, and enjoy your life. This is best achieved by looking towards organic lawn care services, as they will provide you with sustainable long-term solutions to lawn care. The usage of natural fertilizers doesn’t even come with a drop in quality from the chemical ones that are on the market. In fact, they’re actually more effective for your lawn in the long-term.


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