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Does Cold Weather Damage Lawns?

Does Cold Weather Damage Lawns?

These last few days have really taken a turn and reminded us that winter is near. As we wrap our pipes, buy frost cloth to cover tender plants, and prep the home for the winter, what should we do about our lawns? Is there anything we can do to protect our turf? Your lawn’s best defense through the cooler months is good health year-round.

Proper mowing, watering and fertilizing each season will help keep your lawn strong through bad weather. When soil and roots are healthy, they are better able to withstand freezing temperatures with minimal damage. It’s never too late to begin a healthy lawn regimen. Winter is the time to reduce mowing as turf goes into dormancy or semi-dormancy. Mowing bi-weekly, at a higher height, is sufficient until spring. More info on the Merits of Proper Mowing here.

Continue watering if rainfall is scarce. While your turf doesn’t need to be watered weekly until spring, if your area has no precipitation for a few weeks, a good soaking will be appreciated. Simply run your automated sprinkler system manually as needed, rather than leaving it on an automated schedule. Also, watering before a freeze will increase the temperature in soil, insulating the roots. Never water during or right after a freeze.

St. Augustine lawns are susceptible to Brown Patch in late fall and winter. This is a common issue and a healthy robust lawn can often grow out of the condition. But, if your lawn is already stressed, then areas infected with the disease are more susceptible to long-term damage or death as a result of cold injury.

More details here. If your lawn becomes damaged by the cold, then a good organic program to get your soil and turf back to health if the right path.

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