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Want a Holistic Lifestyle? Don’t Forget the Landscape!

When it comes to the health and safety of our family and pets, we hear a lot about eating whole foods, nurturing our bodies with vitamins and getting plenty of exercise. Yet, many of us still cover our lawns and gardens with chemical fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides.

Like our bodies, the soil in our lawns and gardens is alive. So why not treat it as a living organism? A healthy lawn and landscape is dependant upon a healthy bio-active soil. Going organic means using organic fertilizers, which are derived from something that was once living. It’s the perfect food for the soil to digest, returning the nutrients to your plants. 

When you use organic fertilizers, you are not feeding the plants but nourishing the bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes and worms in the soil that release the nutrients for your plants to feed on.

Synthetic fertilizer creates a vicious cycle in your lawn and garden. It is the drug of choice for insects and disease, which can lead to a dependence on chemical insecticides. Insecticides kill beneficial microbes and worms, further degrading soil diversity and structure and causing compaction. Of course, this causes the need for frequent watering, which leads to fungal diseases. Once the soil life is diminished and it can no longer feed your landscape, your plants become dependant on the chemical supplements and are more sucesptible to pests and diseases.

The good news is that organic techniques can reverse the downward spiral created by repeated use of chemical fertilizers. By using organic tools such as compost, organic fertilizers and biological amendments, trained organic specialists can make your lawn and garden a healthier and more beautiful place for everyone.

Are you ready to reduce your chemical exposure and live a more holistic lifestyle? Then don't forget about going organic in your lawn and landscape care!

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