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Want a Gorgeous Lawn? Don’t Skip Treatments!

It’s hard not to love a beautiful green lawn. But beautiful lawns take work; soil care, timely fertilization and pest control are year-round activities. If you forget to feed on time or let weeds multiply, it can take a lot of work to get your lawn back to beautiful. This is why we always recommend that when you’re on our Soil Building Program, you don’t skip treatments.

There’s no overnight silver bullet for taking a worn out lawn and making it look great. Healing a weak lawn will take time, persistence and patience. If your lawn is worn out and you’ve just started with us on organic soil treatments, know that it will take a good year of work to start getting your lawn back on track. Then, you’ll need to make sure you keep up with timely feedings, aerations and good mowing practices.

In case you’re wondering why we apply certain treatments to your lawn when we do, here is our treatment  breakdown:

Treatment 1, Winter: In January and February, we apply Liquid Compost Extract, with 12% humic acid and worm castings, to improve the health of your soil. The  addition of humic acid and earthworm castings greatly improves the water retention of your soil, improves nutrient uptake by your plant’s roots and increases chlorophyll production in your lawn. Earthworm castings also reduce soil compaction and offer up available Nitrogen for your plants to use.

Treatments 2 & 5, Late winter/Early spring: Another application of liquid compost extract is applied to your lawn, but we also add liquid seaweed, molasses, and fulvic acid. These organic amendments will greatly increase the microbial activity in your soil, improving its overall health and that of your plants.

Treatment 3 Spring/Late summer feeding: Our dry organic fertilizer is applied to the lawn and landscape in spring as a nutrient dense feed. The spring feeding prepares and strengthens plants for summer heat and drought. The late summer feeding strengthens plants for winter cold.

Treatment 4 Early Summer: A liquid application of enzymatic cold processed liquid fish, bio-stimulants, worm castings and micro-nutrients is sprayed on the lawn. Because soil is a living organism, we add a variety of organic stimulants to feed them throughout the year. These micro-nutrients and amendments continue improve water retention in the soil, its texture, and nutrient availability to plants.

Treatment 6 Late summer: Liquid compost extract, humate, worm castings and bio-stimulants are sprayed on the lawn in late summer to help support it during the intense Texas heat.

Treatment 7 Weed Control: The best defense against weeds is a thick, healthy lawn. However, many spring weed seeds germinate in fall and grow over winter. The time to suppress them is in fall. We work with your preferences to choose treatments to prevent and treat weeds so they don’t take over. More on avoiding spring weeds with fall maintenance.

Treatment 8 Winterization: We prep plants for upcoming winter weather by applying an extra boost of liquid nutrients as a foliar spray. Reducing cold damage will help your lawn come back strong in spring.

Each of our treatments has been developed strategically to keep your lawn strong and healthy year-round. Skipping treatments will only set your lawn back. Questions about our Soil Building Program? Drop us a line here.


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