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Time to feed the trees!

We discuss the importance of feeding trees for long-term health.

When it comes to feeding your landscape, it can be easy to forget that large established trees need food, too! We often focus a lot of attention on feeding our lawn and shrubs, but leave our trees feeling hungry. If you think your large trees are getting all the nutrition they need from the soil, you’d be wrong. Urban life is hard on our trees. There is a lot of competition between lawns and trees for water and nutrients. While we do feed your soil so your soil can feed your plants, your plants will still need some extra help in the form of fertilizer from time to time.

Are you on our Soil Building program? If you are, then you have the option of allowing us to feed your trees with a deep root fertilization. With drought stress a common cause in the decline of our urban trees, keeping them nourished and strong so they are better able to withstand the elements, diseases and pests just makes sense. By feeding your trees with targeted fertilization, they will have the strength to thrive in our extreme weather conditions.

With our deep root fertilization treatments, we inject organic nutrients directly into the root zone of your valuable trees. The reason we do this is to avoid over-applying fertilizer to lawn areas that don’t need it. Plus, the injection process is done under pressure, which also aids with soil aeration by pushing air into the soil around the root zone.

When we fertilize trees, we also add soil amendments to stimulate root growth and vigorous tree development. When your soil is healthy and full of microbial activity, it retains water and nutrients better and aids in root’s uptake of much needed nutrition.

We believe that all trees should be on a regular feeding schedule year round in order to keep them strong and looking their best. If you can’t remember the last time you fertilized your trees, it’s probably time to get them fed.

Spring is the perfect time to get our our Soil Building program and take advantage of our deep root fertilization this month.

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