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The Organic Myth: Organics are too Expensive & Time Consuming

Organic gardening is too much work!” “Organic gardens are filled with pests!

We’ve heard it all. And, we’re here to tell you that keeping a safe, family friendly, “barefoot approved” and gorgeous landscape is easier than you think.

Safety first!

Do you have a neighbor who uses chemical weed-n-feed on their turf? Perhaps they use a chemical lawncare company. Does this concern you? It should. These chemical herbicides are some of the most toxic substances still legal in the US, and are even banned in Canada. Is the lure of convenience worth the risk to the health of our families? The organic fertilizers we use in our Soil Building Program leave your lawn healthy without the worry.  When our trucks leave your property, your kids can play and the pets can romp. Your lawn is “barefoot approved”.

Organics do require patience.

Unlike chemical fertilizers, you may not see results in a week. But also unlike chemical fertilizers and applications, you will see benefits that last much longer without the soil damage synthetics usually cause. While you will see amazing results in the weeks following the first application of our hand-made Liquid Compost Extract, you’ll see the best results after a full year of seasonal applications.

There is a phrase in gardening that says it all: “The first year it sleeps. The second year it creeps. The third year it leaps.” While this phrase generally applies to plants, it also applies to your soil. When making the transition from a lifeless soils that’s been treated repeatedly with chemicals, to a healthy soils full of life, you should expect to work at it for 1-3 years.  But, after some time has passed, you’ll notice your soil loosening, becoming richer and filled with earthworms. That’s the signal you’re doing things right.

A fully organic landscape takes patience, but once you commit, you’ll notice less weeds in your turf and less pests on your plants each season that passes because your soil is healthier. In turf, this means that your thick, healthy turf is crowding out weeds.  And, since it’s now much stronger, it is better able to fight off diseases.

Good bugs. Bad bugs.

Regarding pests, a more balanced landscape includes beneficial insects such as ladybugs and praying mantises in the garden and beneficial nematodes in the soil;  these beneficials help balance out the bad bugs that may be damaging your plants.  Once your landscape is balanced, you’ll work less to keep it healthy and gorgeous, and spend more time relaxing outdoors with friends and family.

Still unsure? Click HERE for a complimentary estimate. We’ll go over all the details and work an organic landscape maintenance program specifically tailored to your needs.

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