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Soil Building Program: February & March in Your Landscape

What a wonderful and warm weather we’re having! While the Farmer’s Almanac said we’d have ice in January, it has proven not to be the case and we’ve lucked out with sun and warm days, along with just a few frozen nights. A warm February means many of your lawns might be coming out of dormancy a bit earlier. In January, we applied worm castings, liquid compost and humic acid. This month, in order to continue your lawn and garden’s preparation for the upcoming summer, we’re adding not only liquid compost, but molasses, liquid seaweed and fulvic acid as well to give the microbes in your soil a boost. When you keep the “good bugs” in your soil happy, you are growing an environment in which your plant roots will thrive.

Liquid compost is key

Liquid compost is the heart of our Soil Building program. We start by making our compost on-site with local food waste, worm castings from Texas Worm Ranch and other local sources. It is then turned into liquid gold — aka liquid compost. Our liquid compost is nutrient-dense with minerals, nutrients and beneficial microbes that work together to increase the bioactivity in the soil. When your soil is at its healthiest, it means lawns and garden plants are better able to withstand our weather extremes and become more resistant to pests and diseases.

Molasses makes growing sweeter

We talk a lot about feeding microbes. But what are we feeding them? In addition to the liquid compost and its ingredients being an excellent food source, molasses is also a great source of trace amounts of vitamins and quite a few minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron. Combined, this combination of minerals help your plants manage heat stress, effectively take up other nutrients, improve flower and fruit production and reduce yellowing of the foliage on both your lawn and garden plants.

*Bonus: Fulvic Acid

To increase metabolism further, increase plant stress tolerance to hot summer weather and also to naturally detoxify the soil, we add a boost of fulvic acid. When fulvic acid is added along with the molasses and liquid compost, it also helps plant roots more efficiently take up nutrients and also aids in chlorophyll synthesis so plants stay green and lush looking.

If you are on our Soil Building program, then we can not stress enough that you should never skip treatments. For at least a year, and we we always recommend longer, keeping up with your organic maintenance will grow you a stronger, healthier garden that reduces your carbon footprint and, over time, will cost you less money and time.


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