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So, What IS Microbial & Mycorrhizal Inoculation?

While we often just think of soils as “dirt”, something we just walk on, however it’s actually a living organism

There should be a lot of activity going on in your soil. While we often just think of soils as “dirt”, something we just walk on, it’s actually a living organism If the life in your soil has died off, your landscape plants will pay the price. Lawns go into decline, weeds flourish, shrubs and trees become stunted. The more bioactive the soil, the healthier the plants that grow in it. So what exactly should be living in your soil? Microbes and mycorrhizal fungi.

Each January we boost soils with treatments of biologically active inoculum to increase microbial and mycorrhizal activity in the soil. Why are they both so essential to healthy soil? Microbes feed on organic matter in the soil then convert the waste into nitrogen, phosphorus and other trace minerals that plants use from the soil. They also produce oxygen. Mycorrhizal fungi aids plant roots in nutrient uptake. In other words, the microbes create the nutrients and the mycorrhizal fungi help deliver it to the plants.

New home? Looking to rehab soil?

If you recently moved into a home that was just built in the last few years, it’s likely that your landscape is filled in with lots of lifeless soil. Maybe there was an issue with uneven grade or maybe the builder raised the landscape with low-quality backfill. Or, perhaps you are looking heal an existing landscape that has suffered from years of chemical applications. Either way, you’ll need to re-build the soil with life so that new and established trees, shrubs and foundation plants can thrive.

Our Soil Building Program is a great way to improve soil health. As your soil improves over time, so will the health of your plants. For soil in need of rehabilitation, we suggest inoculating your landscape with microbes and mycorrhizal fungi several times throughout the year. These treatments will help the soil retain more moisture through summer and better feed your lawn and landscape. As a bonus, healthy soil heavy with microbial activity encourages earthworms to move in, eat organic matter in the soil, then leave the waste behind; worm castings are an excellent plant fertilizer.

A long-term organic maintenance plan, plus proper mowing, pruning and other maintenance tasks, will give you the lush, green, healthy lawn and landscape you’ve always wanted. Ready to get started? Contact us here or we can get you a free quote online here.

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