Extended Services

When you join our Soil Building Program, we offer these additional services upon your request or via recommendation by one of our professionals. Should you have questions or inquiries about our services, please contact us.

Fire Ant Control
Treatment of fire ants through bait and/or drenches. This is a seasonal charge.

Nutsedge Control
Nutsedge requires an additional charge due to its aggressive nature and the multiple treatments needed to eradicate it. This is a seasonal charge based on the area being treated.

Excessive Weed Control Applications
In some rare cases, weed populations are so dense that they require additional intensive applications. The price of weed control service is determined by the area being treated and the number of applications can vary.

Insect/Disease Control for Trees Over 15′
If a plant eating disease or insect is active in a tree over 15′, we can treat it for an additional charge. The size of the tree will determine the application price.

Mosquito Control
Currently for Dallas County only, we offer an eco-friendly control method to help reduce mosquito populations in your landscape. This is based on a per application rate dependent on the area being treated.

Microbial & Mycorrhizal Inoculation
Sometimes conventional lawn care treatments can steralize and strip the soil of its beneficial organisms. At Soils Alive, we can inject beneficial microbes and fungi into the soil to give it a boost.

Tree & Shrub Deep Root Fertilization
Injection of organic fertilizers directly into your lawn’s soil or close to tree root systems, as well as soil amendments to stimulate root growth.

We provide consultation services to non-clients. The consultation fee is $125 and if you decide that you want to sign up for the program, we will waive the fee or apply it to the Soil Building Program.

A consumer information sheet on the structural pest control industry, regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture, is available here.

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