Seven Important Questions to Ask Your Organic Lawn Care Service Company

Organic service companies come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few questions to help you make an informed decision when you’re deciding who to hire:

1. How long have they been providing organic fertilization services?
Soils Alive has been providing organic services in the DFW Metroplex for 17 years.

2. Do they specialize in organic services or do they do it as a side business?
Soils Alive provides only organic fertilization services. Therefore our equipment never becomes cross-contaminated with synthetic chemicals. We specialize in providing plant health care. We do not mow, maintain properties, or have a garden center. Our service clients are our only clients.

3. Do they use compost or aerobically brewed compost tea?
Compost and compost tea are the perfect soil and plant fertilizers. They contain beneficial microorganisms and nutrients essential for plant and soil health. Soils Alive has been producing our own aerobically-brewed compost tea for many years, and continue to improve upon the production and application. We use compost tea because it has a higher concentration of microbes, and you can apply it to leaves, twigs, bark and soil for a quicker uptake of essential nutrients.

4. Do they use a soil test? If so, what do they do about deficiencies or excesses found in your soil?
Soils Alive has analyzed more than hundreds of soil samples from our customer’s properties. We use soil science and the knowledge we gain through soil testing to build the soil's fertility with biological and nutrient supplement applications. Soils Alive mixes all the needed nutrients into a site-specific application, referred to as the amendment application.

5. How do they control crab grass, dallisgrass and dandelions?
Soils Alive strives to provide a chemical-free lawn care program. We use all the organic tools available. It is also important to note that every property is different, and every homeowner has different expectations. As such, we at Soils Alive provide our clients an understanding of how each weed will be handled in a way that is acceptable to the client.

6. Are they licensed by the state to provide weed & insect control?

As providers of weed and insect control, Soils Alive technicians are all licensed and trained, in accordance with Texas state law. Our certified applicators are:

Justin Cernoch
Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Service License Number: 0558391
Texas Department of Agriculture Commercial Pesticide Applicator License Number:  0696870

Denis Duffy
Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Service License Number:  0558929 

7. What kind of guarantee do they provide?

Soils Alive's Soil Building Program is a guaranteed program. We expect your lawn to be better looking than your neighbors. There is no reason why we cannot get better results with an organic program, and we stand behind our service. If at any time your lawn needs additional feedings or treatments, we do the applications at no additional cost. We take pride in your lawn and treat it as if it were our own.

Soils Alive was established in 1997 to provide organic solutions and natural fertilization programs that support healthy, safe, sustainable landscapes. With our proven methods in organic care, we guarantee desired results.


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