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Organic Lawn Tip: A Warm Winter Means We’re Fertilizing Early!

Learn why are we fertilizing early this year.

The spring-like weather has jump started new growth in your lawn a bit earlier than you may have expected. Lawngrasses are starting to put on a growth spurt, fruit trees are blooming and certain shrubs and garden plants are blooming early.

Typically we don’t see these hot temperatures until mid-to late-spring, so it’s important to adjust how we fertilize your lawn in order to stay in sync with the seasons. Plants are already expending available nutrients and need those nutrients to be replaced in order to support new and future growth. Last year’s rains depleted much of our soils nutrients and crucial microbe populations are still actively being restored.

Treatment #3: Organic Dry Fertilizer

April, we begin to visit our Soil Building customer’s landscapes to feed their lawn and garden plants with a dry organic fertilizer. It is specially blended with a nutrient dense, organic poultry litter that also has a boost of mycorrhizal fungi, that wonderful organism helps plants take up all those much-needed nutrients in the soil. This beneficial fungi also aids plants in moisture absorption.

So if you’re wondering why we’re visiting your property early, or see our staff around town feeding lawns early, it’s all about temperature.

Why must plants be fed now? The spring feeding prepares and strengthens plants for summer heat and drought. The stronger your plants going into summer, the better they’ll handle extreme temperatures, drought, pests and diseases. Our spring treatment #3 will include a fertilizer application for your trees. By keeping trees in good health, they’ll have the strength to thrive in our extreme weather conditions.

It might be tempting to skip soil feeding treatments when it seems like your landscape plants are looking fresh and healthy, as they often do at the start of spring. Know that as your plants emerge from dormancy and finish flowering, they are going to need a boost of fertilizer to replenish spent resources. It takes a lot of energy to push out all of that new growth and flowers; by feeding in spring, you’ll help your lawn and landscape plants look their best for the rest of the year.

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