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Organic Indoors: We Brought a Greenhouse Inhouse!

We’re testing our home made liquid compost in a greenhouse growing environment.

We have a new project in the works in order to test our organic Soil Building program in a greenhouse environment using both soil based growing and hydroponics. We’ve built a small greenhouse to grow our new transplants and have set up a grow tent and indoor grow light system to propagate seeds such as lettuce, kale, a variety of herbs, tomatoes, and cucumbers. We’ll be using our organic liquid compost and earthworm castings by Texas Worm Ranch to grow our transplants strong.

Once the seedlings are large enough, we’ll move them out to the greenhouse. Greenhouse growing is a great way to ensure you have fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs year-round. Plus, if you are growing plants you plan on eating, it’s best to grow them organically to reduce the amount of chemicals entering your body. This is where our liquid compost comes into play. It helps improve soil texture so plant roots grow strong. It also increases bioactivity in the soil through beneficial nematodes, mycorrhizal fungi and good bacteria that improves oxygen flow and reduces compaction. Once you are in a good habit of using organics in your greenhouse (and your landscape) you’ll reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers that deplete the soil of essential nutrients.

The amendments we use in our Soil Building program not only benefit your lawn and garden plants, but also potted plants, raised vegetable beds, and yes, greenhouse grown plants as well. Beneficial microbes, organic matter, oxygen, calcium, iron and other nutrients and living matter are as important to indoor plants, and even hydroponically grown plants, as they are to your outdoor plants.

Stay tuned as we continue our indoor organic experiment. Are you currently growing plants in a greenhouse? Do you grow them using an organic maintenance plan? Visit us on Facebook to let us know your progress.

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