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Lawn Fertilization Services in Dallas, TX

Our fertilization service is part of our all-inclusive lawn care program that also includes weed control.

Lawns in Texas need water, oxygen, and sunlight just to stay alive. In order to thrive, however, they need a nutrient boost that only fertilizer can provide. At Soils Alive, we offer a top-notch lawn fertilization service that will help your grass become healthier and look better than ever before. Our fertilization service is part of our comprehensive lawn care program that includes fertilization and weed control treatments throughout the year.

When you sign up for our service, your lawn benefits from a premium fertilizer that includes our proprietary, in-house liquid compost formula made specifically for healthy plant growth. We not only use exceptional products, but we have also been in business for 20+ years and are licensed by the state. Our lawn fertilization service is available to residential property owners in Dallas, TX. Call us today at 972-272-9211 to sign up!

What is included with our lawn fertilization service?

Our lawn fertilization service is available as part of our top-notch lawn care program trademarked as the “Soil-Building Program”. This program features 8 treatments that are applied to your lawn and landscape throughout the year. Our liquid compost and fertilizer treatments provide extra nourishment to your grass to fuel strong, healthy growth and help it endure extreme weather conditions in the summer and winter.

Our weed control treatments, meanwhile, eliminate weeds that compete with your grass for crucial nutrients and diminish the appearance of your lawn. Depending on the time of year, we apply either pre-emergent or post-emergent weed control treatments to ensure total protection for your turf. Pre-emergent treatments prevent weeds from breaching the surface of your lawn, while post-emergent treatments kill weeds that have already popped up.

What type of fertilizer do we use?

We use a composted poultry litter product to fertilize on Round 2 of our Soil Building Program. This product is a great source of carbon as well as calcium that is often tied up in our soils. This specific product is broken down microbally allowing it to feed the lawn all year long. We also use many granular soil amendments throughout the year based on the needs of the lawns. These can include products containing humates, yucca, kelp, amino acids and biological inoculants to name a few. 

What sets our lawn fertilization service apart?

There are many lawn fertilization companies in the Dallas, TX area, but none compare to our team at Soils Alive. Not only have we been in business for multiple decades, but we also are licensed by the state of Texas, put our employees through extensive training, and hold ourselves to a standard of excellence. That's because our team believes in the importance of providing excellent customer service!

1821 Wall Street
Garland, TX 75041
Ph: 972.272.9211

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