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July is Smart Irrigation Month! Summer Tips to Conserve Water.

With serious summer heat upon us, it’s important to pay close attention to how we water our landscapes.

NOTE: If you live in a city that limits watering to every other week, be sure to water twice on your assigned day. Once before 10am and once after 6pm. Or, you can run an A and B cycle, one right after another, early in the morning. You can also provide supplemental hand-watering to new plants, container gardens and vegetable gardens.  Be sure to check your city’s current water regulations.

Mulch. Mulch garden beds and around trees to conserve moisture and keep soil temperature cooler.  As a bonus, mulch will decompose back into the soil, improving its structure and providing organic matter.

Timing. You could lose up to 30 percent of your water through evaporation if you water between 10am and 6pm, the hottest time of day. Early in the morning is best, but after 6pm is acceptable in the hottest part of the summer.  

Improve your soil. Healthy, well-nourished soil will retain moisture better than “dead” soil. Plus, it will also better absorb the water from your sprinkler system so that it doesn’t just run off. This is a big reason why we’re obsessed with healthy soil! More details how improving soil improves your plants here.

Location. Be sure your sprinklers are actually watering the landscape, not the driveway or sidewalk! Not only is watering the concrete wasteful, but it could also garner a city citation.

Audit your irrigation system. Each area in your landscape may have different watering needs. Call a licensed irrigation specialist to check your sprinkler system to be sure it is set properly and running efficiently. Need a recommendation? Contact us here.

For more tips on watering your lawn, read our past blog post Watering Your Lawn Without Breaking the Law. Learn to properly water your lawn each season here.

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