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How Does Dry Molasses Help Your Lawn?

We say it all the time: great soil is essential for healthy plants. A healthy beautiful lawn is possible when you have healthy bio-diverse soil. But, what makes soil good? Quality soil is full of living microorganisms that decompose organic matter and create natural spaces in the soil for air and water.

Beautiful lawns and gardens start with bringing the soil to life.

How can we get more of these important microbes in our soil?

By accommodating what these good guys need to thrive, you can encourage and recolonize your soil with the microbial communities as well as beneficial bacteria and fungi that in turn contribute to the well being of your lawn and landscape. Basically, you have to feed the soil.

Molasses Improves Microbial Activity

Including dried flakes of molasses into your soil is an easy way to feed the soil microbes. The readily available sugar in molasses provides carbohydrates, vitamins and a number of minerals like calcium and iron. Once molasses is added to the soil, the microbial growth rates take a quick upturn.

Microbial activity naturally increases at this time of year when soil and air temperatures are warming, so it’s the perfect time for an application of molasses to feed the soil. The late winter-early spring application is particularly effective on poor, depleted soils and brings a welcome lift as the plants begin to wake up after their winter rest. The February/March application of our Soil Building program includes liquid compost, seaweed, molasses and other bio-stimulants.

Each component of our program contributes to the balance of diversity needed for vigorous soil and robust vegetation. When your landscape is in need of revitalization, we help get you on the right track to a lush environment that gives back to you in return.

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