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Healthy Soil Isn’t Just for Lawns!

The turf grasses in your lawns aren’t the only plants that benefit from healthy, organically enriched soil. All the trees, shrubs, flowers and veggies do too! When your soil is well-aerated and full of microbial activity, important nutrients are more readily available to your plants. Strong root development is also improved; we all know how important strong healthy root systems are to summer survival!

Benefits for Garden Beds: Both New & Established

If you’re in the process of transitioning your lawn areas into landscape beds due to heavy shade, or you're adding more vegetable gardens to you landscape, you’ll definitely want to focus on improving soil health. Protect your new and established gardens with organic fertilizer treatments. A healthy soil building program isn’t just for lawns. It greatly benefits your entire landscape! When we feed lawns and landscapes. we do so at proper times of year with Liquid Compost Extract and organic fertilizers such as fish, seaweed, molasses and bio-stimulants.  

Plus, when we feed your entire landscape, we monitor your property for pests and diseases. Prevention and early detection is key to keeping gardens healthy.

When was the last time you fed your trees?

Large, established trees are often forgotten when it comes to how we all feed our landscapes. Properly fed trees are better able to fight off pests and diseases and tolerate drought conditions. Not only do hungry trees make an easy meal for pests, they also pose a danger to your family and property as they weaken.

When we inspect landscapes during Soil Building treatments, we often find trees that are in decline and sometimes must be removed. If your trees are having a problem we can’t solve, we’ll always refer you to a certified tree care company.

Would you like a quick quote on adding organic soil building services to your landscape maintenance plan? Simply contact us through our handy quote page here.

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