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Fall is for Tree Fertilization

Fall is a great to feed the landscape, including your trees!

Fall is a great to feed the landscape; your shrubs, perennials and lawn will all benefit from a dose of additional nutrients put down at the right time. But, what about your trees? We find that many homeowners assume that when the landscape is being fed, so are the trees. But your trees may need a bit of extra attention, especially if they’ve been under stress.

Our hot summers here in Texas can be hard on our trees. Many of us don’t water trees properly and extended drought compounds the problem. Thirsty trees can develop nutrient deficiencies over time and become weak; and then susceptible to a plethora of pests and diseases. If you can’t remember the last time you fed your trees, then now is the time to do so. But what are your options?

Root Zone Fertilization

With drought stress a common cause in the decline of our urban trees, keeping them nourished and strong so they are better able to withstand the elements, diseases and pests just makes sense. By feeding your trees with targeted fertilization in their root zone, they will be better prepared to withstand our extreme weather conditions.

If you are on our Soil Building program, then you are in luck. We offer a deep root fertilization treatment that feeds trees directly at their root zone. When organic amendments are applied directly into the soil around the roots, we can avoid over-applying fertilizer to the lawn or other areas of the landscape that need to be managed differently this time of year. Plus, the injection process is done under pressure, which pushes air into the soil around the root zone of your trees. Soil aeration is a great side benefit of the deep root fertilization process.

Nutrient Injections

There are rare occasions when a tree has a severe nutrient deficiency that requires a more specialized fertilization treatment. We use Arborjet technology that allows us to directly inject trees with customized nutrient solutions; this enables us to quickly boost their health and vigor and  help them overcome stress, pest infestations or drought stress.

The soil is hungry, too!

After the rains we had this past spring, followed by the extensive drought we had through summer, your soil is also probably feeling pretty hungry. Healthy, well-maintained soil is full of microbial activity that enables it to better retain water and nutrients. Plus, healthy soil aids in plant root’s uptake of much needed nutrition. When we feed your trees, we also feed the soil around them.

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