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Fire Blight

A fast moving bacterial disease Fire Blight is a very destructive bacterial disease that infects pear and apple trees. The bacterium, Erwinia amylorva, can also infect related plants such as pyracantha, cotoneaster, hawthorn, quince and rasberry plants. In the early stages of infection, the flowers...

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Oxalis Rust

Yellow fuzz on your plants? Oxalis are great perennials for our shady Dallas gardens. However, when humidity is high they can often start to decline for no apparent reason. If you'll turn over the leaves you may discover why: Oxalis rust. This is a fungal disease that infects oxalis, and alternately,...

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Powdery Mildew

Got fuzz? Almost overnight, a white powdery film has shown up all over the leaves of your garden plants! Crape myrtles, zinnias, roses and other common landscape plants can fall victim to this the fungal disease called powdery mildew. It can be caused by a few different species of fungi and it moves...

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Mushrooms in the landscape: Good or Bad?

Should you be concerned when you see these mushrooms? We often get calls from clients wondering what these mushrooms are in their landscape and if they are a sign of a disease problem. But not all fungus is bad! There are many beneficial types of fungi that help break down and decompose organic matter...

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Cotton Root Rot Fungal Mats

If you see this fungus on the soil or your tree, there’s a problem! In this photo, we wanted to show you what the sporemats of cotton root rot looks like when they emerge on the soil or tree surface. You can see the cottony like mats and the decay that is occuring at the base of the trunk....

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