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Benefits of Using Organic Fertilizers For Your Lawn

There is a sense of pride and ownership that a beautiful lawn sparks in us. Every homeowner loves a nice-looking and green lawn; none of us are satisfied until the grass on our lawns are green enough. The greener the better — and homeowners walk the talk when it comes to lawns.


A well-kept lawn serves multiple purposes. First, it adds glamor to a home by making it look splendid. Not only can this add value to a property, but it gives a good impression of the owner. Most houses are designed with the lawn in front. Your guests will always commend you for having a great-looking lawn. Moreover, a green lawn invites the feeling to spend some quality time in the yard with your friends and family. In fact, three-quarters of Americans indicated that it is necessary to spend time in their yards.


However, the sad reality is that your lawn will not remain green for all seasons without you having to put some considerable work into it. The beautiful lawns you see around you are a product of relentless dedication and proper care. For instance, applying the correct fertilizer can play a significant part in a lawn’s appearance.


Grass draws its nutrients from the soil, so you have to first take great care of your soil. The best way to ensure that your soil is healthy and nutrient-rich is by applying organic fertilizers. By using natural lawn fertilizers in the form of liquid compost, you boost the micro-organisms and microbes in the soil. Grass gets its nutrients from these two compounds. When you take care of your soil, the soil takes care of your grass. The end result? You get an awesome lawn during all seasons of the year. Other than keeping your lawn grass green and attractive, there are much more benefits of utilizing liquid compost and other organic fertilizer options.


1. Free of Toxic Chemicals


Organic lawn care ensures that your grass is not exposed to the toxic chemicals and salts that are often found in inorganic fertilizers. The presence of these chemicals in your soil may affect the quality of your grass in negative ways. Part of the grass in your lawn may turn brown. These chemicals would also inhibit the growth of your grass and cause it to be stunted. Using organic fertilizers ensures that you keep the toxic compounds at bay.


2. Low Over-Fertilization Risk


Homeowners who attend to their lawns with inorganic fertilizers may apply just a little bit too much of it. This ends up ruining the grass. However, when you use liquid compost, it is very unlikely that over-fertilization happens. When organic compounds are absorbed in the soil, they release nutrients in a controlled manner and over-fertilization is averted.


3. Preservation and Enrichment of Soil


Since all the nutrients contained in the organic fertilizer and liquid compost are absorbed by the soil, the fertility and richness of the soil is prolonged. As a result, your grass will stay green year after year, even if you skip a season without fertilizing. As the nutrients in the soil are preserved all along, the soil will still be viable in case you decide to turn your lawn to a garden and plant something else.


4. High Levels of Bio-Friendliness and Sustainability


Since they’re biodegradable and renewable, organic fertilizers don’t cause harm to the environment. It’s also relatively easy to make organic fertilizers, especially if you live in a farm with a couple of animals. You can also visit farms near you and most farmers will easily sell you compost manure at an affordable rate. You can mix it up with degradable materials such as tree leaves and make your own organic fertilizer. However, there are plenty of providers that will sell organic lawn fertilizers in a store or online for your convenience.


By using liquid compost, you’ll keep your lawn green and minimize the cost of spraying pesticides and spending on weed control services. Since the soil remains rich in nutrients, it is able to handle most weed and pests. However, taking care of your lawn by yourself maybe a lot to handle especially if you have large lawns. You can always seek natural lawn care services from the professional grass and landscaping fertilizing companies.

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