The Story of Soils Alive

Justin Cernoch, COO, Applying Liquid Compost ExtractEarly in his career Soils Alive's founder, Michael Bosco, embraced the ideals of providing safe and effective services for his customers. He grew up playing an integral role in a family-owned structural pest control business in the Dallas area. Later, Michael’s interests grew to include the science behind soil and plant health and organic agricultural practices. He expanded his service offerings to customers to include lawn and landscape fertilization programs. Upon earning a degree in plant and soil science in the mid-1990s and sensing a change in the needs of lawn care customers, Michael became interested in safer methods and alternatives to chemical fertilization. In 1996, he began converting all his chemical fertilization programs to organic. The change was met with steady and growing interest among customers. With the new-found popularity of his unique organic services and application offerings, an idea was born; in 1997, Michael began operating under the name Soils Alive, LLC, embracing and practicing lawn care and treatment through all-organic methods and practices.

More than a decade later, Soils Alive has grown dramatically, gaining a devoted following among customers through its industry-leading organic applications, the proven results of its Soil-Building Program, and its commitment to the satisfaction of all Soils Alive customers. Soils Alive continues to lead the industry in the advancement of organic and all-natural fertilization methods and applications. Soils Alive embraces the idea that a healthy lawn comes from healthy soil that is alive and dense with the organisms and nutrients that nature intended. Feeding the soil with natural and safe, nutrient-dense applications will give one’s lawn and landscape the best defense it needs to stay green, stave off the effects of drought, and fight common insect and disease issues often encountered in chemically treated lawns.

In 2013 Soils Alive was purchased and is now operated by Brad Young. Soils Alive, Inc. will continue to operate on it's founding principles and provide innovative, natural and safe services for the health and wellness of your lawn and landscape.

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